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Dec 21, 2017

A Stake of Holly

I actually finished the my Craft Book Club project this week! My lettering skills aren't too bad either.

A Christmas Carol Scrooge Quote

This is a quote from December's book, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens! Obviously Ebenezer Scrooge (from the beginning of the story, before Marley visits) is the Christmas Grinch who said this. While I'm normally more of a festive person, this year I'm not in the Christmas spirit (likely because I celebrated in November) and was definitely feeling a tiny bit like Ebenezer.

A Christmas Carol Scrooge Quote

The quote was sketched out in pencil then painted over with paint pens. Any residual pencil markings were erased then two pieces of stained square dowels were attached to the top and bottom to give the look of the wooden poster hangers that seem to be quite popular now. I'm pretty pleased with how this finally turned out, but need to figure out how I would like to hang it in the future.

Craft Book Club will be back on hiatus until I figure out a book list for the new year. Do you have any suggestions? Do you want to join Craft Book Club? We are looking for more members!


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