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Jan 18, 2018

String Art In Progress

Tuesday was our latest Crafternoon get together; Chelsea and I made string art. Well, Chelsea finished a cute elephant that I didn't get a picture of, and I got this far:

String Art WIP

What do you think it looks like? I'm not sure it looks like what it is supposed to represent, but I'm going to continue wrapping the string and decide if it's garbage once I'm done. It's supposed to be mountains (I'll be adding snowy bits). Is that what you guessed? I think it looks more like clouds or a blob right now.


  1. I should have gave you the picture I took of my elephant. It was a fun little project to do. I think yours will turn out with the snowy caps. Maybe if you did string lines up and down. Or you could leave the black outline and simply do the white tops. (


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