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Apr 18, 2018

Garden Planning

It's the time of year I need to get serious about my gardening!


The biggest plans for my garden this year are new trees that are waiting to be planted. I have three little hazelnut sticks and a fig stick that I'm very excited to see grow tall and full of nuts/figs! Besides tree planting, most of my focus this year will be on yard projects; I want to build a pathway from my porch to the back gate, add more drip lines to my sprinkler system, and get my flower beds looking nice. My yard probably won't look like it belongs in a gardening magazine, but I hope will look much better.

As for the other food plants I plan on growing in my yard, I feel very behind because I haven't started any seeds. I wanted to have a garden filled with pumpkins from all the seeds I saved from last year (I was a bit more pumpkin obsessed than usual), but I don't think I'll be growing any pumpkins. I do want to grow garden huckleberries again so I'll need to put several seeds into tiny pots this week and cross my fingers for some seedlings.

One other thing I thought would be fun would be to grow a "pizza garden". These will all come from garden starts that I'll purchase (maybe during the Freaks of the Garden plant sale at Peaceful Belly Farm in May) since I am so behind. I'm thinking one or two tomato varieties, sweet peppers, and some basil. Do you have any suggestions? What are your garden plans?

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