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Nov 27, 2018

DIY Long Roman Curtain

I've been doing a bit of redecorating around the house and adding lace curtains to the guestroom window was a quick little project that helped let light in for the plants, but keep peepers from looking in. Having so much light in that room is nice, but probably won't be if you are trying to sleep so I decided to make a Roman curtain that will be up and out of the way most of the time, but can be lowered whenever I have guests. Since I'll be having visitors for Christmas I needed to finally finish this project!

DIY Roman Shade
DIY Roman Shade

Traditionally Roman shades are mounted inside the window frame (and usually found on narrow windows), but since my window is wide and short I mounted my curtain above the window. Each layer has a strip cut from a 2x4 which I thought would be best to to keep the center of the curtain from sagging.

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