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Dec 25, 2018

Mistletoe Watercolor

Merry Christmas! For my Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe by Melissa De la Cruz Craft Book Club project I decided to paint some mistletoe using watercolors!

Mistletoe Watercolor

I actually enjoyed the book! It was what would be expected from a cheesy Christmas romance. I was really disappointed in the Hallmark movie, the only things the book and movie really had in common were the title, most of the character's names, and kind of their jobs. The plot was totally different, and in true Hallmark fashion a kiss between the Darcy and Luke was saved until the very end. In the novel, the two drunkenly make out under mistletoe a few times (not very Hallmark) hence the "and Mistletoe" in the title.

The next Craft Book Club read is TBD. Apparently I've been too preoccupied with Christmas celebrations to make a list!

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