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Apr 18, 2019

Earth Day Resolutions

I make resolutions and sometimes I share them on this blog. This is one of those times! Monday is Earth Day and in an effort to make myself a better person and the planet a better place I'm making plans and setting goals! Here are my two Earth Day Resolutions!


New Compost Bin - My smaller, "everyday" compost bin that sits next to my back door bit the dust last fall and I have been slacking with composing food scraps/everyday items because I am lazy and don't want to walk all the way to the back of the yard. I had been looking for another compost-able "plastic" bin, but have been unsuccessful so I need to design something on the smaller side that is big enough to hold a few months of my house (not yard) compost, light weight enough that I can carry the full bin to the main compost heap without dropping it, made of heavy duty materials that will last at least a few years, but isn't made of plastic/another not-good-for-the-environment-material. If you have any ideas, send them my way. Also, a lid is important... I don't want the fruit flies attacking me as I walk by.

More Washable Pads - I've been using washcloths (and nail polish remover) to remove nail polish from my fingers, but hate that I have to launder a washcloth when just the corner was used so I want to make small nail polish removing pads, similar to the little face scrubby things I made years ago. I think they should be made from scraps of grubby washcloth/towel that I need to replace because terrycloth works well for nail polish removing and upcycling! Instead of making them two sided with hidden seams (like those face scrubby things), I'll just use a serger to keep the edges from fraying. Once they are done I'll be able to put off doing laundry even more!

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