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Jan 9, 2020

The Alligator Has Pink Scutes!

It's kind of a good thing I stopped knitting this when I did because I nearly forgot to add the pink!

Knit Alligator Blanket WIP

Since I am making this scarf blanket sized rather than scarf size and quadrupling the stitch count, I am having trouble with the alligator's scutes. (I definitely had to look up that word and it is now one of my favorites!) Anyway, I got frustrated and decided to put the knitting away and it wasn't until I pulled this project out that I realized the scutes are supposed to be pink. I did have to rip out the start of some green scutes and have continued to have troubles. After switching to pink scutes I was carrying the other color yarn along the back, but on the second row I realized that wasn't going to work (or look very nice) since I was knitting every row and the extra yarn would show on both sides. I decided each scute and space between needed a separate skein of yarn so there wouldn't be any carried along. This definitely looks better, but now that I'm knitting the last row of the first scutes, I think they are too short and look silly.

Knit Alligator Blanket WIP

The pattern I'm following is a scarf pattern that I'm turning into a blanket. I've only quadrupled number of stitches in a row (the width of the alligator), but didn't bother adding extra rows (length of the alligator). The alligator head being stumpy was kind of annoying me, but I was moving on. These stumpy scutes are more annoying and they definitely need to be longer. I will be ripping them out and adding an extra row between increases (two instead of one row), but should I rip out part of the head to make the snout longer too? Let me know what you think!


  1. I think it’s looking cute. And the scutes get bigger down the back right? Keep at it. :)

    1. they will be... i've put this project on hold again...


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