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Jul 14, 2020

Overgrown Garden

I have been neglecting my garden and it is a bit overgrown. I didn't stake or cage the first tomato I planted and it is sprawling and in need of a drastic prune back. The pumpkins are growing too! I'm carefully moving vines out of the lawn so I don't accidentally chop them up with the mower.


There are four different pumpkins I planted, but they were from saved seed so I'm not sure they will even look like their parent pumpkin. So far they are not, but I'm not certain which vine is coming from which plant. I did plant a mystery/unlabeled pumpkin which I think is this guy on the left. And the one on the right may be coming from a "giant" pumpkin plant, which it is not looking giant at all. This is what happens when you save seeds that have been open pollinated.

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The garlic is ready to harvest and it looks like the onions are there too! I need to spend a bit of time out in the garden havesting these yummy things!


One thing I harvested this week was one of the centercut squash from Row Seven Seeds. I haven't made anything with it, but I'm looking forward to eating some summer squash! The winter Kognut squash from Row Seven Seeds is looking pretty good too!


And the funny thing from the garden is I found these ground cherries thriving in one of the beds that I thought was a self-starter from last year, but it turns out I cannot read and it was a freebie plant from my friend that I thought said Gourd instead of Ground.


How is your garden growing? I'm looking for motivation to take better care of these guys so if you have any extra, send it my way!

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