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Dec 8, 2020

December Photos Week 1

How was your first week of December? Mine was good, but over the weekend I realized I was incredibly overwhelmed with homework and started freaking out about finishing my Christmas knitting on time so I bought some books from Powell's that will be shipped directly to the recipients and will be spending this week focusing on finishing my school projects then celebrating by checking out some Christmas lights! 


My tree has been up since Labor Day (in preparation for our xmas card), but I haven't been turning on the lights since I haven't been spending time near it. This weekend I plan on adding some lights around the windows and more decorations to make this place more festive.

I finally made buddies with the neighbor dog; I was last minute planting bulbs/moving my peony (the ground was nearly frozen) and took mini breaks to "play" with him with the fence separating us. Hopefully he doesn't bark at me every time I go into the backyard in the future.

The Cougar Gold arrived this weekend and I really wanted to open it up and eat all the cheese. I have exhibited lots of restraint and am allowing it to sit undisturbed in my fridge until closer to Christmas.

I was behind on my advent candle burning (and am behind again) so I burned four candles while watching a Christmas movie (Mistletoe Magic). Let me know if you want holiday movie recommendations. I'm going to be watching so many movies this month.

Sunday morning was very exciting; I saw a hawk (let me know if that is not a hawk) with a pigeon (bummer for the pigeon, but still very cool) sitting on my street and was able to get a zoomed in, slightly blurry photo.

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