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Dec 15, 2020

December Photos Week 2

 How was your second week of December? Mine was busy and a bit overwhelming, but my school projects are all done now and I have just one last test that I'll be taking today. I'm looking forward to my extra free time and plan on using some of it this week wrapping presents and adding more Christmas decorations (lights around the windows, specifically).


This frog startled me the other day, but I probably scared the bajeezies out of it when I was trying to move it to the safety of a plant. I was reaching to put it in the pot in the back of the photo, but it leaped out of my hands and partially landed on this amaryllis. It used that upper body strength to pull itself up onto the leaf and pose for a photo.

The Christmas lights were great! It seemed like there were more lights than last year. There were also a lot of people not wearing masks which FREAKED me out, but I kept my distance and didn't linger in those areas. This waterwheel was really pretty; I especially liked the reflection of the lights (and lack of people in the area).

Canada Geese! They have been hanging out at the old penitentiary/botanical gardens lately. I snapped this photo on a plant walk last week and think they are the migrating flock, not the local park flock. They are very noisy in the morning!

Winslow has been just the sweetest kitten lately. He was keeping guard during my bath time and now as I'm type this. His purrs are just so sweet too.

It snowed over the weekend! Not very much, but enough that I was able to shovel my driveway twice! (I hate to drive on the snow in my driveway because it compacts and turns to ice then won't melt and cannot be scraped up easily. So I shoveled when I made an errand and again the next morning.) It was interesting to see the paths of all the neighborhood cats.


  1. Where was the frog?! He is so tiny.
    Awwwh Winslow is just the sweetest 💜
    Love the kitty tracks.

    1. The frog was in the greenhouse at work. It was in a tray of plants that I was repotting.


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