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Jan 26, 2021

The Power is Finally Back On - Marshmallow Treats

My Craft Book Club project for Tweet Cute by Emma Lord had to be a crazy treat. I had a box of sugar cookie flavored cinnamon toast crunch cereal that I was going to make not-rice-crispy-treats with as a Christmas treat, but I never got around to it and they are perfect for this.

In the book, the main character and her sister have a baking blog where they make outrageous cookies and cakes and such with situational names. As suggested by my mother, these are "The Power is Finally Back On" Marshmallow Treats. After a serious storm passed through, it left the house without power for more than 24 hours which probably would have been more fun if I was a child and it wasn't so cold and we could cook things.

We made these sugar cookie toast crunch treats with electricity! Since the square cereal is larger than a puffed rice grain, a lot of the gooey marshmallow sunk to the bottom of the pan, but turned upside down, it looked like frosting which definitely went with the sugar cookie flavor of the cereal and the sprinkles make the treat! Honestly, this treat is a bit to plain/simple to be on the sisters' baking blog; we probably needed to mix in some candy, but they tasted great as is!

The Power is Finally Back On - Marshmallow Treats

Our next read is The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova, a book recommended by a classmate (her favorite book). I started reading it already, I'm not very far in, but it seems so familiar. I am certain I haven't read it, but I feel like I remember it. It's probably just similar things to Dracula that I remember (since this book is about Dracula). When I share whatever project I make I'll let you know if this was my second time reading the book.

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