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Feb 23, 2021

Watercolor Book Spines

I painted another watercolor for my Craft Book Club project for The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. These are library books that one might use to figure out where a certain vampire's lair was hidden. They may be a little too cute for that purpose. Anyway, I'm working on my watercolor painting skills and I keep forgetting that I need to plan ahead. After paining the book blocks, I realized that lighter accents would have been neat, but that needs to be figured out ahead of time. Maybe I'll get better at this.

Books Watercolor

Exciting news: I have picked out several books and have a little Craft Book Club reading schedule! I've got a remake of Pride & Prejudice (obviously I need to read this), a recommendation from my storygraph list, and a classic (also from my storygraph list).


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