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Mar 24, 2021

DIY Wind Chime

I made a wind chime after reading Pride by Ibi Zoboi for Craft Book Club. The main character, Zuri, is a wonderful poet, but my writing skills are not good enough to share any poetry I may have written. Instead I decided to make a wind chime because the sisters spend time on their rooftop which is described as a place “where wind chimes, dreams, and possibilities float with the stars.” My wind chime was made with bells I purchased and beads and wire from my stash! I have more bells so I think I'll make another!

DIY Windchime
DIY Windchime
DIY Windchime

Our next read is Pet by Akwaeke Emezi!

1 comment:

  1. Cute! I have always wanted to make a wind chime.


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