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Nov 1, 2022

I made a digital planner and am selling it!

Like the title says, I made a digital planner and am selling it! This is the first digital product I am selling and I'm very excited about it. It has a minimalist design with a year overview, monthly calendars, and weekly planner pages. The special part of my planner and what makes it a gardening calendar is that it includes seasonal landscape gardening tasks so you can know the best time to prune your shrubs or divide your perennials and remember to do it! Digital planners are best when using a tablet and stylus, but I've started to add important dates to my copy using my phone and finger to write. A larger screen and a stylus would make my flower doodles look a bit less wonky (probably). 

Please consider supporting me by purchasing this 2023 digital gardening planner.

Digital Planner

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