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Jul 20, 2023

A Floating Shelf

Did you imagine I was making a floating shelf when I shared my practice pocket holes last week? Well, I did, and this is just the first of them! I am adding ceiling shelves along two walls in my bedroom. The first was this one, above the closet. I am in need of shelves for my various tchotchkes and decided that some ceiling shelves were just the right thing!

Ceiling Shelf
Ceiling Shelf
Ceiling Shelf

To make this floating shelf, I used a length of 1x6 alder cut to size then made pocket holes to align with the studs in the wall. After sanding, I stained the board with some stain that was on hand that happened to be a fantastic match to the existing trim. Once it was dry, I hung the shelf by screwing it into the wall and have since added a few decor items. The project was incredibly easy; I think the only change I'll make for the next shelf is to increase the width!

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