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Dec 19, 2023

Root Beer Glaze

December’s Craft Book Club read and the final remake of the year was So Many Beginnings: A Little Women Remix by Bethany C. Morrow, Louisa May Alcott. Unfortunately I haven’t finished reading the book yet. I’m about halfway through and am really enjoying it, but haven’t dedicated much time to reading this month. I did make a yummy root beer flavored glaze that was inspired by the sassafras drawings made by Mr. March. When searching for recipes I came across a delicious sounding root beer cake and decided to modify the cake’s glaze and serve it on French toast. I definitely ate too much of the sweet glaze, but it did taste delicious.

Root beer glaze on French toast

Next year’s reading list for Craft Book Club has not been created, but I think I need to read older books since most of the books I’ve been reading were published fairly recently. There are so many books that I’ve missed so we will read 12 books that were published before the year 2000! January’s read is Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin. It’s a historical fiction romance with magical realism… I should definitely enjoy it!

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