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Apr 16, 2009


I have been caught up in the lomography craze for some time. The images are so dreamy and film photography seems special. I recently purchased a holga camera which makes me giddy with excitement. My camera specs: Holga 120N, Yellow Brick Road.
my yellow brick road holga
Lately I love, love, love the color yellow. Not sunshine, bright yellow, but golden, mustard yellow. I can't get enough yellow.

So far I have shot two rolls of 35mm film which I had developed at Walgreens and put on disk. My first roll of film had these large red spots on many of the pictures; I thought it was finger prints from when I was trying to roll up the film in the dark closet, but have since determined that it is a major light leak. With toy cameras you should expect some light leaks, but a big red blob is not appealing to me so I am planning on getting some gaffer tape to try and stop that light leak from mucking up future pictures.

holga photoholga photoholga photoholga photoholga photoThere are a few more pictures on my flickr in the holga set.

I have an idea for my next roll of 35mm film. After each frame only advance the film about halfway so each picture (except the first and last) will have two double exposures, the main exposure centered in the frame and two other exposures on ether side of the frame. It will be a bit crazy and probably confuse the folks developing the roll, but I think it will be kinda awesome. What do you think?


  1. You are right, they will be CONFUSED. When you take it in let them know it is an 'experimental project' and that there are double exposures...

  2. I wouldn't tell them. When you get the film back make them think it is natural, that that is the way you see things!!!


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