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Apr 14, 2009

Week Two.

This week's project (another unfinished project) has been in the works for a long time. It's a bit pathetic that I haven't finished them sooner, they have been just sitting in drawer taking up space begging to be complete. Well, their pleas have been answered.
group of tree branch draft dodgers
Tree Branch Draft Dodgers!

I realize that the temperatures are now almost nice enough to go out without a jacket and that I should have completed these back in September, but the southern hemisphere is getting a bit chilly and draft dodgers also work in reverse, keeping hot air out so your air conditioner is off a bit more often in the heat of the summer. Draft dodgers are for all year round! Hooray!

tree branch draft dodger detailtree branch draft dodger detail

These are listed in my etsy shop!
Tree Branch Draft Dodgers are offered in the original light, paper birch color and a the new darker, chestnut color. Both colors are sure to keep your drafts (hot or cold) at bay.

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  1. You know another option for use would be a soft stick for the doggies to fetch... just not Arlo


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