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Aug 25, 2009

Week Twenty One.

Last summer the interior of my closet got a makeover; I added new shelves and whatnot to keep me a bit more organized. Since then I haven't had doors on my closet and even if all my clothes/shoes are put away in their designated spots it looks a little cluttered. I have been planning on doing this project for quite some time, but I finally did it this weekend.

closet curtain
I have a curtain on my closet! I love, love, love the fabric! The fabric is actually a tablecloth from Cost Plus World Market. I bought two of these tablecloths and am planning another project with remainder of the second tablecloth which I will share in a later post.


  1. I do like it :-) but I thought you were going to use LARGE eyelets? still like it though

  2. Really coordinates well with the bedspread too!! Good Job!


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