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Jan 26, 2010


This weekend I made bunting from plastic bags.

It is made entirely out of plastic bags! I transformed some bags into plarn (plastic yarn) and knit them into a long rope. The other plastic bags were fused together and cut into flags.

There is one more photo on my flickr showing the entire rope of flags. I think these would make excellent decorations for an Earth Day party. Do people have parties for Earth Day? They should.

If you are interested in making something from plastic bags here are some tutorials.
Plarn Tutorial from Kate E. Austin
Fused Plastic Tutorial from Etsy Labs

Here is a link to another one of my fused plastic projects: Fused Plastic Envelopes.


  1. I would have an earth day party with you.

  2. I have never heard of plarn before! Did you ever make a shower curtain out of plastic bags yet?

  3. i have not made a shower curtain yet... i don't think i will ever get around to it.

  4. Thanks for plugging my Youtube video! This is an awesome project.


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