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Jan 7, 2010

Jersey Neckwear

The first of my upcycle projects is this jersey necklace/scarf that was made from old tank tops that needed to be mended. Instead of mending them, I cut them up. It was really easy to make and I had more tank tops that I didn't want to mend so I made another.

There are lots of tutorials on the web to make this sort of necklace, but here is the basic run down of what I did:
1. cut shirt into one inch wide strips/hoops
2. stretch the strips so the material curls
3. take one strip/hoop of each color and cut off seams
4. tie remaining hoops together with the cut strips
5. wear and enjoy

A few more pictures of these necklaces/scarves are on my flickr here, here, and here.

Update: I closed comments because I was getting way too much spam!

1 comment:

  1. very nice. if i was into wearing necklaces, i would want one. :D