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Feb 2, 2010

Newspaper Starter Pots

I am gardening again! I’m very excited because this year is going to be different than last year; my plants are going to produce fruits and vegetables, and lots of them. (Note: I am hoping this positive attitude will help my plants survive or at least make me think that my thumb is slightly green so I can keep them alive.)

These are the starter pots for the tomatoes. To make each of them I took a half sheet of newspaper and folded it in thirds. I wrapped the folded strip around a jar, leaving enough overhang to cover the bottom, then folded the overhang onto itself. They were very easy to make, and I will be making some more in a few months when I am ready to start my pumpkins and flowers.

I realize that it is very early to be starting tomatoes, but I am determined to have large hardy plants by the time they can be transplanted outdoors. The three tomato varieties I am trying this year are Green ZebraBelize Pink Heart, and Lollipop. I sowed the seeds Thursday night so the seedlings should pop up any day now.


  1. Yummm - at least if I liked tomatoes, well I look forward to your crop

  2. I am telling you, day 8 they will pop up! (Because 8 is the best number!)


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