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Apr 22, 2010

Forty Years

Today is Earth Day! This year I decided I should make some environmental specific resolutions. It turns out this is a common thing.

day thirty three
day thirty three part of my 365 photo project

Here are my Earth Day resolutions:
  • No more packaged pre-cut salad mixes! Over the weekend I made a salad with leaf lettuce I cut myself. It tasted way better than the bagged salad, it stays fresh longer, it is less expensive, and it doesn't take much time and effort to cut it yourself. I decided that I am not buying bagged salad again!
  • Composting! Since I am gardening, I just have to compost. I borrowed The Complete Compost Gardening Guide from the library (renewed it a few times) and am now planning on purchasing a copy for myself. It is full of great ideas that I can't wait to implement in my garden; I think I need three or four different compost bins/heaps now.
  • Make a rain barrel and collect the rain! I didn't ever think this would be very practical in my area since we normally get around eleven inches of precipitation in a year, but after the last two crazy storms we that overflowed the gutters I realized that there really is a lot of rain coming off the roof.
  • Eat lots of peanut butter! Today I am going to try and have peanut butter for every meal. It shouldn't be very hard because I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER! Here is my plan so far: breakfast = oats + peanut butter + blueberries + strawberry yogurt (Also called yoatgurt which I read about on Budget Bites Monday and ate for breakfast both Tuesday and Wednesday. It is delicious!) Lunch will be a peanut butter and banana sandwich. I am not sure what dinner will be.
  • Make more of these face scrubby things, some cloth napkins, and more hankies! Reusable items are the best. The face scrubby things I made last summer are a great alternative to cotton balls, I need to make some more so I don't have to do laundry as often. I have been wanting to buy or make some everyday cloth napkins, I am not sure why I have been putting this off. Question: If you were to go to someone's house and they had only handkerchiefs, no tissues, would you find that weird and be opposed to it? I have a few more boxes of tissues, but I think I want to make or get a bunch of hankies and use only them once the tissues are gone.

So what are your resolutions? Would anybody else like to join me in eating lots of peanut butter today?



    2. How about a grilled peanut butter and honey sandwich with PB soup for dinner?? Also, I would not want to have to do the laundry if everyone came to my house and blew their snotty noses on my handkerchiefs. Would at least have to use rubber gloves to pick them up!

    3. Packaged pre-cut salad - agreed stop the madness. I’ll pull out my salad spinner and get a large Rubbermaid type container to hold my made at home salad fixins.

      Composting – will have ponder this a bit as apartment living changes the model a bit. I would love to find a community garden to take all my composting materials.

      Make a rain barrel and collect the rain – my deck isn’t big enough  or is it? I am happy to help you with your project too.

      Eat lots of peanut butter – Yeah PB and honey sandwiches for lunch, PB on toast, PB and Chocolate, the list goes on and on, YUM!

      Face scrubby things, cloth napkins, and hankies –You will have to make me face scrubby, I love cloth napkins [sounds like a shopping party either the fabric store or the napkin store :-)] and hankies are so much nicer on the nose [Rudolph is a little less obvious]. And in response to your question: If you were to go to someone's house and they had only handkerchiefs, no tissues, would you find that weird and be opposed to it? Not opposed, but need to understand so I suggest a piece of “art work” [a new project maybe?] in the bathroom explaining tissues have been replaced with hankies and once they are used they should be deposited in the “bin” for washing. Explanations make all the difference.

    4. Hey Supermaryo - just take the bin and pour directly from there into the washer... no rubber gloves needed :-)

    5. Peanut butter and syrup sandwiches are one my favorites! Maybe that is what I will have for my lunch today lol.

      @Wjsmth--I agree, a sign in the bathroom explaining the switch to handkerchiefs would be nice. Otherwise I think everyone would be tempted to just start using toilet paper instead of using the handkerchiefs.

    6. Tyler - Agreed TP would probably be the snottinger of choice. [Yeah, I finally found a legitimate place to use my word of the day.]

    7. First off: the picture of the flowers is very pretty!

      Second: Eww on peanut butter! But I could try and eat more peanuts.

      Third: If you switched to only hankies and everyone who came over had to use them, wouldn't that be a lot of laundry to do?

      Fourth: Salad sounds yummy!


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