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Apr 27, 2010

My Pumpkin Seedling Is So Tall

pumpkin seedlings

I started these pumpkin seedlings just a few days ago, the one on the right is over five inches tall already. It is really amazing how fast it is growing. Here are some more plant updates - just 18 more days until they will be transplanted into the tiny garden.

watermelon seedlings

These are the watermelon seedlings. They were started the same day as the pumpkins and are tiny in comparison; still tall, but they didn't amaze me like that pumpkin.


The tomato plants are getting quite large and are definitely ready for their new homes. These six are headed to work with me today to be given to some coworkers. I noticed that there are a few flower buds on a few of the tomato plants:

tomato flower buds

This is one of the Belize Pink Heart plants, they seem to be the most advanced of the three varieties I planted. (Green Zebra plants are the runts of the bunch.)


I have also purchased some mint and need to re-pot them. I am pretty excited about these two and the mojito parties to come.

not marigolds

These are the containers for the marigolds I still haven't started - I ran out of soil then got lazy. I should spend a few hours finishing up these pots and get the marigolds going. Another thing on my "to plant list" is lettuce - I should have put some seeds in the ground this weekend, but haven't yet. The spinach was finally started, they are still quite small though. How are your gardens growing?


  1. It looks like you might have a green thumb after all.
    My garden is fairing nicely, I planted sweet peas (both the flower only and edible varieties) that seem to be taking off. My strawberries survived the winter. The peony is getting big.
    The most recent planting was a variety of lettuces, which are still underground... with all this rain they must be afraid to come out.

  2. I don't have a garden. But yours and Mom's seem to be going good.


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