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Jul 27, 2010


Lately I haven't been able to not think about headbands; I am a little bit obsessed you could say. Winslow loves them too, headbands and ponytail holders are his favorite non-toy toys.

fabric flower headband

I bought some fabric flowers on clearance about a week ago and finally decided to use them to decorate a headband. The only problem is these fabric flowers have clips attached to them that I am not quite sure how to remove them.

clips on flowers

I was thinking I could just cut them off, but am afraid that little piece of felt is the only thing holding the flowers together. I decided to just clip the flowers onto the headband which worked fine until I tried to take it off and my hair got caught in the clips.

flowers clipped to headband

Maybe I will get a bit of courage and just cut the darn clips off so I can just glue the flowers on. In the mean time I have been looking at other headbands I can make. While perusing my feed reader for tutorials I found these lovelies that I may finally make: Rosette Headband from P.S. - I made this and Ruffly Headband from Heart of Light.

Another headband I have been thinking about making since posting the nautical items is a sailor knot headband. I just picked up some books from the library last night and am practicing my knot tying. No photos of knots yet, I think I am getting better at untying knots than actually tying them.

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  1. Maybe you can do some stitching through the felt before cutting them, to keep the flowers held together, and then do the snipping to remove the unwanted stuff.
    Or maybe you can get the metal snips and surgically remove the clips.
    Good luck


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