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Jul 22, 2010

So Much Rhubarb

The other day I walked out into the back yard and noticed that there was a lot of rhubarb and it needed to be harvested soon! A few days later I finally figured out what I was going to make to use it up and went outside to harvest it.

rhubarb harvest

After bringing it inside I spent a long time cutting it all into small pieces. I mixed some of it with some cinnamon and sugar and added the mixture to spice cake mix.

rhubarb spice cake mixing

I ended up making two rectangular rhubarb spice cakes and took them into work so I wouldn't eat it all. My coworkers loved it, there was just a tiny piece left in the pan at the end of the day. Why are people reluctant to take the last piece?

rhubarb spice cake

Here is a slice. The rhubarb sort of blends in, but if you look closely you can see a few pieces. Most of the rhubarb was at the bottom of the cake, that area was extra moist and quite tart - so yummy.

rhubarb spice cake slice

I set aside a little bit of the spice cake batter before adding the rhubarb and made a round spice cake for my sister since she doesn't like rhubarb. (I am a really nice sister.)

spice cake

Here is my leftover rhubarb. It is in the freezer right now, I think I should be making some rhubarb something soon to use it up.

leftover rhubarb

What are your favorite rhubarb recipes? I think this rhubarb bread pudding has been my favorite so far.

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