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Aug 3, 2010

Knit Coffee Cozy Giveaway

I am giving away this knit coffee cozy!

knit coffee cozy

This is my first complete knot project and I am very excited about it! The rope is knit from Lion Brand Yarn's Fishermen's Wool in Oak Tweed then tied into a Turk's Head knot.

This handmade coffee sleeve could be yours; here's how to win:
1. Leave a comment below by Tuesday August 17th 11:59pm MDT.
2. Wait. The winner will be picked using a random number generator and will be announced on my Thursday August 19th post.

Note: Anyone can enter, even if they live outside the US.


  1. I may regret being first to comment, but I will. Yes, I would love to win this coffee sleeve. Why? Let me tell you; I drink coffee and don't want to burn my hand; I love sailor type knots, and even more so love the Fishermen's Wool Oak Tweed yarn.

  2. I just want to win so I can say that I won something...I don't drink coffee, but it will do for my hot chocolate!

  3. its my turn to win, kelly.... nice coffee warmer

  4. If I win, I think I will give it to Chelsea. She drinks a lot more coffee then I do!

  5. I dig all things knit/knotted and reusable!

  6. Very cute! Looks like it could also be used as a pretty cool bracelet...?

  7. if i win..i will wear it as a bracelet after I drink my coffee i will look so you make that I could wear makes me look cool...

  8. I want it because it is soft and I drink coffee. :)