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Oct 5, 2010

Loom Knit Scarflette Pattern

I made this little scarf and am sharing the pattern with you!

purple loom knit scarflette

This is my second loom knitting "pattern", my first being this Modified Alice Wrist Warmers Pattern. I was playing with different stitches, noticed this interesting texture and decided to share with you.

knit detail

For this project I used a single skein of Lion Brand Yarn's Hometown USA in Portland Wine (a super bulky acrylic yarn).

wearing purple scarflette

Here is the sort of pattern for this cute scarflette.
      Knifty Knitter purple rectangular knitting board
      Approximately 81 yards super bulky yarn
      Large crochet hook
      One skirt/kilt pin
Instructions: (links are to instructions from Loom Knitting Help)
1. Cast on 20 pegs (or in multiples of 4) using the long tail cast-on method for the knitting board.
2. Your working yarn should now be at peg 1. Row 1 and odd number rows: *k, yo, p2tog, k; rep from * to end.
3. Now working yarn should be at peg 20. Row 2 and even number rows: *p, yo, k2tog, p; rep from * to end.
4. Repeat steps two and three until scarf is desired length; leave enough yarn to bind off.
5. Bind off using the single crochet bind-off method.
6. Wrap scarflette around your neck, fasten with the skirt/kilt pin, and enjoy!

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