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Nov 18, 2010

All I have been thinking about lately is batter and not yummy cake batter like this.

image via LIFE photo archive
Work is taking over my life a bit right now, I haven't had much time to try really knitting again (needle knitting) or take pictures of my sort-of-projects. I am thinking I may need to sign up for a knitting class because videos on the internet don't seem to be enough for me. Maybe my hands aren't made for real knitting...

This weekend I plan on uploading photos to my 365 flickr set (I am so far behind again) so you can see the happenings in my life over the last two months (spoiler: not much happened). I will also be sleeping late into the day and watching movies. Not sure if I should go see the latest Harry Potter though, I never did see the sixth one and I was a bit disappointed in the fifth.

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