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Nov 23, 2010

My Last Two Months

Like I said, not much happened. Here are a few highlights that I photographed and looked good enough to show you. The rest can be found in my 365 photo set.

day two hundred and forty

day two hundred and thirty seven

day two hundred and twenty four

day two hundred and twenty

day two hundred and nine

day one hundred and ninety six

It is kind of amazing how much things can change in two months. It went from me eating tons of tomatoes to so many leaves on the ground to it snowing over the weekend (I took a photo yesterday, haven't posted it yet).

I need to get better about uploading photos more regularly. Two months worth of photos is a huge pain to sort through and upload at once. If you are checking out my flickr and notice there hasn't been any uploads to my 365 set in the past few days please yell at me to get it together.

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