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Dec 7, 2010

Mitten Update

I am almost done with my first mitten. Well, I messed up my decreases at the top of the mitten so if I decide not to rip it out I am almost done. It is not really noticeable and this is my first real knitting project so I think I will just leave it.

left mitten

Besides, I already have a small section of purls where there should be knits at the start of the thumb that I decided to let be so this mitten wasn't going to be perfect anyway.

left mitten detail

I haven't been devoting enough time to knitting. Hopefully they both will be finished next week. I just need to sit down, watch a video on how to do a ssp (learned how to ssk, but I think ssp is a bit different) so I can finish this mitten, and start up the next one.

Reminder: Today is the last day to enter the snow globe giveaway!

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