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Jan 13, 2011

Hand Towels

I made hand towels with that cute food fabric.

finished hand towels

There are six of each color/design and are a good size to dry your hands or wipe up a small spill. I used my latest sewing machine accessory to to quickly and easily make rolled hems. That presser foot is super handy, look at how fantastic the hems are.

rolled hem detail

I also had plenty of time to finish the face scrubby things.

face scrubby things

They look so nice - no mascara stains! Not yet anyway.


  1. If you still have these and are willing to part with them, I am desperately trying to get my hands on this fabric. Willing to purchase! Please let me know either way!

    1. Sorry, I used up all of the fabric to make little towels. Good luck on your search.


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