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Jan 11, 2011

Yesterday I saw this fantastic idea from Tiny Farm Blog on re-nest:

image from Tiny Farm Blog

Use melted snow to water your plants! So brilliant and another reminder that I need to get my rain barrel(s) setup. I was planning on getting them closer to April once I cleaned out the gutters, but I should probably get them sooner incase it snows.

Speaking of my Earth Day Resolutions, I am trying to finish the others in the next month or two so I don’t feel so rushed as April 22nd approaches. The face scrubby things aren’t quite done, but they will definitely be finished by next week (hopefully before). And I have finally figured out what to make with the cute food fabric! I won’t tell you what it is, but it kind of goes with my reduce/reuse resolutions. Check back on Thursday to see what I made.

Since I have been talking about my Earth Day Resolutions, I might as well give an update on my composting. Yesterday I added all the food bits I have been keeping in my freezer and was sort of amazed at how much stuff is in my compost bin. It will be really neat when the temperature gets a little higher and everything really starts breaking down. I have also determined that I want an electric composter for my birthday so if you were thinking about getting me a little something in March please contribute to my “Kelly wants a Naturemill fund.”

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