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Mar 8, 2011

Green and Irish and Rainbow

So St. Patrick's Day is next week and instead of sharing my not progress on various craft projects I dug through my RSS archive to share these wonders with you.


1. When I saw these pancakes a few weeks ago I immediately thought green eggs & ham which isn't very St. Patrick's Day-ish, but some people color their food green on St. Patrick's Day so I figured It should be included. I also think there should be pancakes in my roundups from now on.
Spinach Pancakes from Spabettie found via The Kitchn

2. For me, St. Patrick's Day = Ireland and what comes to mind when I think about Ireland, Moss! This tutorial is from what seems like so long ago and has been on my list of things I need to make since I first saw and bookmarked it. I have been planning on using this tutorial to make a moss pincushion.
Pixie Moss Tutorial from Keyka Lou

3. Shamrocks! The symbol of St. Patrick's Day! You can use this tutorial to make pendants, use them for decoration, make a magnet, or as bean bags to toss. Such a cute and easy craft! And if you have any left over peas you could make Split Pea Soup, my favorite.
Split Pea Shamrocks from Made found via Craft

4. I think a rainbow cake should be essential to any St. Patrick's Day; You may find a pot of gold once you get to the end. This cake is made from a cake mix and diet soda so it isn't as bad for you as it could be.
Rainbow Cake from Omnomicon found via Hostess with the Mostess

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