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Mar 10, 2011

Garden Plans

My garden plans are mostly set. I am using the basic layout of last year's garden with a a few adjustments, some rearranging, and an expansion! This year I am really going for it with my garden. I am saying, "Hey bugs, I know you love squash, but so do I. I will be growing some and when I see you on or around my squash, I will squash you!"

garden plan

Pulling from my garden inspiration photos I am planning on getting cinder blocks to place around the garden. The blocks will do a much better job of separating the garden and the lawn than the little wire fence I used last year plus I can fill the cinder block holes with marigolds. I love marigolds.

Here is a list of the produce I am planning on growing:
Bell Peppers
Tomatoes (Belize Pink Heart)
Another Type of Squash

Does anyone have suggestions for my other squash? I am not sure what to plant. Spaghetti squash? Butternut squash? Let me know what you think. Especially you people around me that may be eating this stuff.

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