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Jul 21, 2011

bike stuff

So far my bike riding has been going well and I am now obsessively looking at bikes and bike stuff to make my ride easier and more cute. Here are a few cute bicycle accessories that I found recently.


1. Pluto Basket With Cage Lid from Adeline Adeline
I really, really, really, want this! Imagine Winsie sitting in there...

2. 'Spread Your Love' by Hamed Kohan (part of the Seoul Cycle Design Competition) via designboom
These tires are great! If I had them I might not avoid water puddles.

3. Bike Bow via Fuck Yeah Girls & Bikes via Pinterest
Fantastic! This is going on my making list. Who wants one???

Another thing, while in Portland (the Pearl District) over the weekend we saw this really awesome bike trolley/wagon thing. Does anybody know what it is and if people can rent it? The people riding it were apparently celebrating a birthday and I want to rent it for mine because I can't think of anything I would rather do on my birthday. (If I were to rent it I would need some friends to help me pedal.) My sister snapped a quick photo (below); it is a bit difficult to see, but definitely awesome!

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