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Jul 12, 2011

Cooling Neck Wrap

I have decided to use bicycling and walking as my only modes of transport while traveling within a two mile radius of my house. Since my work is within that distance I have started and am planning to ride my bike to work everyday. Foreseeable problem (the reason I hadn't been bicycling previously): it gets so hot in the afternoon! I am not quite sure that it will help, but I made one of those neck wraps that are suppose to help keep you cool.

neck cooler-downer thing

First, let me say that it looks best when tied in a bow (I made it extra long so I could tie it in a bow) and I feel a tiny bit like Colonel Sanders while wearing it. The wrap is just a long tube with the middle portion sectioned off and filled with some of those water absorbing crystals. By 'filled' I actually mean I used 'not even half a spoonful because those crystal things absorb a lot of water'!

Does anybody know how to clean these? I am worried about the day in my not so distant future where this thing will be gross from sweat and dirt. It was a really easy project though; I have even been asked to make one for my friend's son.

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