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Jul 7, 2011

When people say that mint is the easiest plant to care for they are right! I left my mint in the dark and didn't water it for months and still didn't kill it!

growing mint

For the last two months or so I have been taking clippings from my neglected plants and have helped them flourish into what you see above.

mint roots

The plants are even ready for a fourth clipping, not sure if I will yet though. I want to keep the plant cut back so it will fill out instead of getting spindly like it was before. Does anybody want some mint clippings of their own?

I also have some clippings of pineapple sage that I am trying to grow. They smell so wonderful, just like pineapple. I really hope they start sending out some roots!

pineapple sage

Can't wait for mojitos! Or mint limeades! And possibly some not-pineapple-pineapple drink!

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