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Oct 18, 2011

For the kid who wants to be a Thundercat.

I was in the Halloween section of a store this weekend; a mother and son were looking for a costume and the boy said, "What I really want to be is a Thundercat." Of course there weren't any Thundercat costumes for sale and this got me thinking about how most people buy their Halloween costumes instead of making them. People don't realize they can make a costume. Anyone can make a costume and for the most part you don't need to have any sewing skills.

To show how easy it is to make your own costume with clothes you may already have in your closet I put together four different costume ideas. Here are my Boris & Natasha costumes:
Boris Badenov & Natasha Fatale Costumes

If you don't have a certain clothing item consider substituting something you do have or looking for it at a thrift shop.

Here are my simplified Thundercat costumes, Lion-O and Cheetara:
Thundercats Costumes
I am sure the kid at the store wants to be a modern Thundercat, but 1985 Thundercats are so much more cool!

I love dressing in costume because I get to wear my hair differently than I normally do (maybe even wear a wig)  and the makeup - I love the makeup! Black lipstick or outrageous eye makeup might get you strange looks on an average day, but not on Halloween!


It was almost mandatory I share these Rigby and Mordecai sets from loren-not-lauren:
Rigby Mordecai

Regular Show is so funny! I have only seen two episodes, but those two episodes were fantastic. My ringtone is this silly ringtone and I now have the awesomest phone on the block!

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  1. It was more like: What I R E A L L Y want to be is a T h u n d e r c a t. And it was really funny to listen to.
    Just think of all the costumes that would never have been if it weren't for the idea or wish, a bit of creativity and some time and energy.


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