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Oct 20, 2011

More ruffles on my Halloween costume with this purple falling ruff!


I am going to be a clown for Halloween! This falling ruff and some the purple-pink lipstick on my cheeks are the only new things I am using in my costume. Everything else I plan on wearing will be out of my closet. (I may make a few pom-poms too.)

The falling ruff was a pretty quick project that used just half a yard of fabric. What is more difficult is my makeup; I don't know how to wear my makeup when I actually dress up. A big clown mouth is definitely a no (I looked a bit scary when I tried it). The cheeks are probably okay; should I do bigger eye makeup or wear false eyelashes? Let me know your thoughts on clown makeup and my hairdo too.


  1. big the makeup, but if you want do fake eyelashes. also puff balls are a must...especially on the shoes.

  2. Definitely add eyelashes. Are you wearing this to work? If you do I'll dress up too.

  3. I wasn't going to wear it to work because I don't want it to smell like a fryer, but maybe I will. What are you dressing as? Something scary? Ark wants to make a haunted house in the dark hallway; you could help scare people by jumping out from behind the stairs.

  4. I was thinking of wearing a HazMat suit, and some zombie make up. What do you think?


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