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Jul 19, 2012

Obi Inspired Hot & Cold Pack

I was given Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins' book One-Yard Wonders for my birthday (Thank You Danielle!) and have finally started making things from it. My first project was the Obi Inspired Hot & Cold Pack designed by Jessica Roberts from

obi inspired hot & cold pack

The fabric I used was not a standard yard cut of fabric because it had a previous life as curtains so I didn't really follow the instructions. Basically this is a belt with a large pocket to hold a rice heating pad.

obi inspired hot & cold pack

Below is the rice heating pad. It has a few channels sewn in to keep the rice from falling to the bottom. I only made three channels and probably should have made a few more like the pattern called for, but it works.

obi inspired hot & cold pack

I am making a few more items from this book over the weekend, but I haven't decided what they will be. Maybe a bag? Maybe two bags? Maybe something else? I think there may be a giveaway in the near future.

Update: I closed comments because I was getting way too much spam!

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