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Jul 5, 2012

Painted Canvas Embroidery

I got the idea of embroidering something on a canvas in my head a while ago and decided to finally try it. I had this long, narrow canvas on hand and this Rabbit Queen Embroidery Pattern from Andrea Zuill at Badbird's is perfect for it! The canvas was painted to look like antique paper. Not sure if it really looks like antique paper, but I think it looks pretty good.

painted canvas

Here are the Rabbit Queen's ears:

rabbit ears embroidery wip

I am a bit further now, her face is done (except pupils and possible pink bunny nose highlighting that I haven't decide on) and I am working on the crown and having trouble embroidering under the center support bar.

Do you think I should I put some tulle under/in the ruff? I think it could be cool, but am not sure if it actually will be. And I am considering putting a ribbon type banner under her, but don't know what it should say. What do you think?

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