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Jul 10, 2012

Rabbit Queen Embroidery

I finished embroidering the painted canvas! The pattern is Rabbit Queen from Andrea Zuill at Badbird.

The canvas was hand painted to look like antique paper. There are lots of layers of paint! Embroidering through the painted canvas was a little tough, I found that pre-poking holes made it easier. The Rabbit Queen is stitched mostly with back stitching and lots of french knots. I really like french knots!

While taking photos the first time of The Rabbit Queen for this blog post I noticed I forgot to give her pupils! Now I am noticing I missed the shading lines on the front edges of her crown! And I am still not sure about the extra space at the bottom of the canvas either. I nixed the idea of a banner/ribbon because I am not sure what it should say. I considered giving her a torso or an additional ruff, but I want to avoid stitching on top of the canvas frame... such dilemmas!

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