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Aug 9, 2012

More Water!

After my last garden update I started watering my pepper plant more and it seemed to grow inches taller overnight! This summer heat is making it hard on the plants; the pepper leaves droopy in the evening and there have been lots of dried up blossoms. I need to give them lots more water!

container garden

pepper blossom

lady bug

tomato plant

tomato blossoms

green tomato


my front yard container garden (tomato right, pepper left) | pepper blossom | ladybug | giant tomato plant | tomato blossoms | green tomato | flowers I wish I knew the name of so I would know if they are perennials or not

During the last garden update I briefly mentioned buying herb lavender. They were part of a mini garden makeover and have finally been planted! The mailbox area used to have rocks; they looked fine, but were sort of plain.

mailbox garden before

mailbox garden after

Here is what I did: took out all the rocks and quite a bit of dirt, washed and painted the mailbox post, laid cement brick pavers to separate the garden from the grass, added back some better soil for the plants, planted herb lavender, put down cocoa shell mulch.

My favorite part is either the cocoa shell mulch that smells like chocolate (you have to get pretty close to smell it though) or my friend noticing that we had a mailbox now (his wife pointed out that there was always a mailbox there). I am also very much looking forward to making lavender syrup!

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