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Jul 12, 2012

Giant Tomato Plant

The tomato plant in my container garden is doing great! It is getting so tall and full and I need to prune it back so it doesn't get out of control! It even has a few blooms! I can't wait to have fresh tomatoes! The peppers are not doing as well as the tomato, the bugs aren't being kind and I need to get something to help it soon! It does look like it will have blooms here soon though.

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You may have noticed that the marigolds that were in with the tomato and peppers are gone. The bugs destroyed them! It was pretty sad, I woke up one morning shortly after planting them to find marigold sticks. Every leaf and petal had been eaten; I thought marigolds were suppose to keep the bugs away!

In other garden news, I bought some clearance flowers (I can't remember the name) and planted them in the other whiskey barrels. They are quite pretty and I wish I remembered what kind of flower they are. Oh, I was visiting my friends who adopted a tomato and two pepper seedlings. I am quite happy to report that they are much better plant parents than I am and the adopted plants are not dead (like mine), but looking quite healthy!

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Untitled Untitled

I bought some herb lavender too, but they are still in their tiny pots and I need to do some soil prep before they can truly move into the yard. (I may share their photos during the next garden update.) Happy Gardening!

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