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Jan 31, 2012

More Yellow

All the way back in 2009 I asked for some help deciding what to do with a bunch of yellow rain pants that I bought. I did make a few different things out of the pants, but I still have lots of them left. For this project I am using most of one leg of one pair of the pants. Here is my work in progress:

After looking at my other yellow rain pant projects I realized I never finished the rain cape! Yikes! I better do that!

Jan 26, 2012

My Yeti

I finished my Yeti! He is a laptop case!

It turns out I am bad at math and can't do basic addition to insure my laptop will fit. I thought I was giving it an extra two inches around, but my laptop has a tough time squeezing in. Maybe my math was fine and I just didn't take into account the added bulk of the batting? Anyway, my laptop fits very snugly inside Mr. Yeti and It is a very good thing I don't need to get my laptop in and out of the case very often.

Like I said before, everything this yeti is made out of stuff I already had. The furry fabric was leftover from one of Arlo's Halloween costumes and a matching hood I made. I picked out the two button pupils from my button stash. The mouth, teeth, claws, and eyes are felt scraps. I had plenty of batting to make sure he is extra protective. He is lined with red cotton fabric and zips closed with a cream colored zipper, both of which I had on hand.

So far I am doing good with my resolution to use what I have instead of buying more; I hope I don't crack soon. I want to buy some paint for an upcoming project I have planned and I have to keep telling myself, "NO! NO! NO!"

Update: I closed comments because I was getting way too much spam!

Jan 24, 2012

Bunny Bibs

I made bunny bibs for two babies.

One for my coworker's son, Carlos III, who was born on the eleventh and the other for my sister's coworker's daughter, Kaelyn, who was born on the twentieth*.

These bibs look pretty darn cute. Originally I was planning on giving them faces, but it was getting late and I wanted to be finished with them. I also figured they were going to be barfed on and lack of face would make cleaning them a tiny bit easier so they are minimalist bunny bibs.

As with my other posts so far this year, as part of my resolution not to buy stuffs: every bit of these bibs is something I already had. You may recognize the pastel stripy fabric from this scarf. The other fabrics were leftovers from a purse lining, something I was going to make for Kari's Halloween costume, but never did, and a bed skirt my mother made me when I was in college.

*Silly Number Thing I Just Noticed: I was born on March 11th and my coworker's baby was born on January 11th. Kari was born on August 20th and her coworker's baby was born on January 20th. CRAZY!

Jan 19, 2012

Free Dragon Mask

Chinese New Year is Monday! It is the year of the dragon and as usual I made a free printable mask!

view dragon mask.pdf

I will be wearing my mask while I eat egg rolls or dumplings! Happy New Year!

You can see my other masks masks by following the link in the sidebar or clicking here.

Jan 17, 2012

Lion Hat

I finished the yellow hat last week when I was visiting my sister! It's a Lion!

This hat was knit on a knifty knitter loom; the mane caused me some trouble, but I ended up figure out a good method to get all the loops even!


Jan 12, 2012

Blanket Stitch Mending

The sleeves on one of my coats have gotten a little beat up so I decided to a little creative mending.

After years of wear this coat has started fraying at the sleeve hems. I used some embroidery thread to blanket stitch the fabric closed.

I very much wanted to get some red-orange thread that matched the coat lining, but couldn't mess up my no spending resolution so soon.

Jan 10, 2012

My Favorite Cryptid

Yeti! Yeti! Yeti! Yeti! Yeti!

Not quite done with this fellow; I broke a sewing machine needle and decided to call it quits for a little while.

Everything this yeti is made with were things I already had; the main body is leftover fabric from one of Arlo's Halloween costumes. I still have some fabric left! I really bought more than I needed!

Jan 5, 2012

Yellow Hat

This hat was going to be done before today, but my sister hasn't decided if she wants ear flaps or not.

I am going to be visiting her next week and will hopefully finish it there. It is going to be a bit more special than just a yellow hat, but you will have to wait to see how special it will be.

This project was also exempt from that no spending resolution. I purchased this yellow yarn and a brown skein of yarn specifically for this project.

Jan 3, 2012

Clean and Dirty

My sister requested a dishwasher clean/dirty sign so her and her roommate could tell if the dishes had been washed.

There is a bit of a smudge on the dirty side. I tried fixing it, but couldn't get it to disappear completely.

Here is the magnet on the backside:

This project was one of the projects that is exempt from the don't buy any craft things resolution. I purchased the little wood square (and another one in case I messed up) for thirty cents (sixty for both) which isn't much, but I need to stop spending money on things I have no space for. The paint and magnet I had on hand!