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Feb 28, 2013

52 Week Double Exposure Project: Weeks 1 - 8

Along with the Book Club Crafts, one of my other 2013 crafting intentions was a 52 week photo challenge. Every week my mother and I use our iPhones to take at least one photo each using Hipstamatic then we combine them using Image Blender and I post them to my 52 week double exposure project Flickr set. It has been eight weeks since we started so I am sharing our progress:

Week 1
Week 4
week 5
week 7

I really love the clocks and feathers picture from week 4. You can see all of our photos here.


  1. i tried to leave a comment but it didn't post due to an error :(. and now i don't remember all it say. but to sum it up.... i went and looked at all the guys did great. and i really like the truck/bubble gum one. as well as a few others. :)


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