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Mar 12, 2013

Buffalo Piñata and The Oregon Trail

Over the weekend I celebrated my birthday with an Oregon Trail game themed party. One of the biggest projects and my favorite was this buffalo piñata:

Buffalo Piñata

I took a bull shaped piñata from the store and added a bit more bulk to its body then covered it with tissue paper. Brown tissue paper is difficult to find so I ended up using a pale yellow, orange, and red. The piñata was part of the 'hunting' and was filled with jerky!

golden seed bomb nuggets

My mom made these 'gold nugget' seed bombs that we found in the 'Blue Mountains'. She used yellow napkins and wild flower seeds to make them.

stick family

We pulled popsicle sticks to see what family we belonged to, this is one of the families and an ox. This was the Engals family; I was Pa Engals, a farmer.

Oregon Trail: The Dead

I didn't take many photos at the event, but my friends took some. Here is a photo of the people we lost along the trail that my friend took and I made look old-timey; only half of us died and none from dysentery, much different than the computer game I remember playing in school!

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