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Jun 20, 2013

Spray Painted Animals

I had no idea what to make for my Wind in the Willows book craft. First I thought embroidering something would be nice, but I am lazy and already had these animal figurines that I wanted to paint and two were moles so this is my Book Club Craft:

Painted Animals

I really wish I had (or could have found) a badger figurine because Mr. Badger is my favorite (maybe it is because I am a Hufflepuff). Anyway, the moles and rabbits were spray painted 'metallic chrome' and are fairly shiny in real life, they will look nice in my blue vegetable garden. They remind me of the part in Wind in the Willows when Mole goes into the woods alone and all the rabbits were jerks. Actually, the rabbit that is standing up looks like he is glaring at me...

Painted Animals
Painted Animals

Next book is The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. I'm so excited I accidentally reserved two copies at the library and didn't realize until I got the email Tuesday saying they are ready to pick up.


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