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Mar 18, 2014

Bicycle Skirt Guards

I finished my crochet lace! I made guards that keep your dress from getting caught in your bike tire and getting dirty!

Crochet Bicycle Skirt Guard
Crochet Bicycle Skirt Guard

The crochet pattern is Bicycle Skirt Guard by Lorna Watt and was really simple even though I messed up on my pineapples. The guards are stretched very tight because of the mistake (I didn't read very carefully, the pineapples should be larger) they look fine though. They are attached to the fender with tiny binder clips. I noticed that the inside prong rubs on the tire so I need to take those off; I don't know if it is because my fender is narrow or because it is a little bit bent, probably both.

They are really cute and the weather here has been perfect for dress wearing and bike riding!

Update: I closed comments because I was getting way too much spam!

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  1. The guards really are very striking on your bike. I love the look